Tips for furnishing a media room

A media room is seen more often nowadays that is a modern addition to many homes. In today’s media world, people are looking to spare one room to allocate for the screen time and keep the rest free. A media room goes by many names such as home theatre for larger spaces and a Simple TV room for smaller spaces like family or some friends.

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Since a media rooms is a modern addition, it should be filled with modern furniture and dramatic design. You can have variety of design options when it comes to media room, the most important part of it is having the right furniture in it.

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choosing of best furniture for comfort and that serves customers better is key to make the guests feel better in your media room. you can have a home theatre with a right setup.


In the media room, the screen will be a major source of light in the room and mostly people prefer dim lighting while watching a movie. recessed lighting in the ceiling or wall sconces can be used for an authentic screening experience. make sure you have plenty of lighting options and a dimmer switch to provide options when you all ready to watch a movie!

Also important to ensure that you have good quality curtains in your media room if it got windows.

The glare on the screen is not liked by anyone, so make sure you can adequately cover this with some blackout curtains that cover the whole window.


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A media room is considered a place to relax. choosing of comfortable couches and armchairs will help you and your guests feet at home. A contemporary sectional sofa like Hollywood sectional or siemena sectional are comfortable and make the people to sit down and relax.

Enough Seating

Movie nights and Football games draw a big crowd if its family or friends. Having enough seating for your media room is essential since you dont want anyone to take a pillow to sit on the floor.

having the right seating space for your media room is key for comfort and inclusion. but you should remember to give your guests space to grab food and drinks! Using corner tables and coffee tables is a must for convenience.

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